Tala worked with my twins for nearly a year through the Early Intervention Toddler Development Group at the Alcott School, starting when they were almost 2 Y/O.  She was not the first speech therapist we had worked with, but she was by far the best and most impactful. Through her calm, engaging and nurturing demeanor, Tala was able to immediately build a rapport with both my son and daughter, which was key. Not only were my twins taken by her, but so was my whole family. She was extremely communicative with us by providing daily progress updates, as well as guidance on how to practice the speech techniques she was using in the classroom at home. When our twins first met Tala, my son was non-verbal and my daughter had a very limited vocabulary. However, I can now proudly say that I am the parent of two toddler chatterboxes! They are both able to clearly and purposefully articulate their wants and needs, which was the biggest goal we set out to achieve with Tala. We are forever grateful to her and all of her dedicated efforts.

Lauren C.

Tala is hands down the best speech therapist we have worked with for children. My daughter ran in to every session with Tala with a smile on her face and didn’t want to leave.  The progress Tala and my daughter made session-to-session was remarkable, and Tala made the “work” fun with every sort of game and contest one can imagine.  I cannot say enough good things about Tala or the impact she has on my daughter’s confidence and ability.

Katie B.

My husband & I (first time parents) were having difficulty finding the right help for our 3 year old son who was diagnosed with a speech delay. We were thrilled when we finally found Tala. Upon meeting we had no doubt she was thoroughly knowledgeable about her field. She very receptive to our concerns and questions and most notably she has the right temperament. Our son adores her and still talks about her. We knew instantly that our child was in good hands but we could not have anticipated his growth & progress - he just took off and never looked back. We feel Tala is largely responsible for setting our child on this path and we are very grateful for all her help. His new teacher has only great things to say about how well he communicates.

Michael and Gema O.

My daughter was 18 months old when she started with Tala and usually has a hard time transitioning with new people. Tala's energetic, happy disposition had my daughter warming up to her immediately.  Tala is amazing at engaging my daughter in "hidden therapy" through play and music.  She is very knowledgeable about the various issues concerning speech and is one of the few therapists around that is able to provide PROMPT therapy for my daughter who struggles with the motor planning of speech. My daughter has slowly but surely made  progress with Tala's help and Tala has remained patient and invested in her throughout this past year and a half.  Tala has always been available to provide feedback on my daughter's progress and regularly gives suggestions on how we can incorporate therapies at home.  I would definitely recommend Tala to any parent who has concerns about their child's speech.


Tala was an amazing speech therapist for our son.  He had articulation issues and she worked with him to help him learn how to properly articulate his words.   She is so patient, kind, creative & made speech fun!  Joe always looked forward to seeing Tala each week! He would run into her office, excited for whatever lesson she had planned for him.  She gave us great feedback and allowed us to be an active part in helping him with his speech.  I would highly recommend Tala to anyone whose child needs speech therapy. She is professional, accountable & very dedicated to her work.  We are so grateful that we found Tala and that she was able to make such a lasting impression on our son & our family!

Jackie L.


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